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If you want to survive – let alone thrive – in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, you need to have these 3 Objectives that WORK at your fingertips.

These ideas will cut through the noise of today’s hectic lifestyle… send your customers into an unstoppable purchase frenzy… and generate results like this…

“Honestly, I didn’t expect so much detail and research in this plan”

Not only did the plan have a ridiculous amount of research data, the ideas were fantastic and helped us increase profits by 180% in the first 6 months!…

our telephone was ringing off the hook for the first three hours of launching the first objective!

So imagine my surprise when we got results like these:

  • Brand awareness grew by 50% in our immediate service areas…
  • We saw an increase of brand loyalty among existing customers by 30%!
  • AND we stole a major client from our BIGGEST competitor within 3 months of using this plan
  • The guys who wrote this plan have helped Mojito’s become a huge success… and I’ve already booked Claud for our next 12 month plan”

“If you want to break through the “profit plateau” and get the kind of results we did you should do the same.”

Danny Farah
Mojito Café Bar and Lounge – 169 Commercial Rd, South Yarra

Doesn’t your business deserve the best? Want to have the same kind of success in your business?

Then you owe it to yourself to read every word of this letter very carefully…

From the Marketing Guys that wrote this plan

Expert Marketing Consultants with Degrees from one of the world’s leading Universities!

Dear Small Business Owner,

Four Marketing Consultants have discovered the secrets to grow your business and want to share it with YOU TODAY!

This MARKETING PLAN was created for a large Catering Company purely to INCREASE profits. The plan alone cost this company approximately $10,000 and 12 weeks to complete! It’s now offered to you at ridicules value!

It uses;

  • Real Life Objectives
  • Real Life Strategies
  • Real Life Tactics
  • Real Life data and statistics
  • Real Life Public Relation Strategies
  • Real Quotations for the strategies and tactics
  • Real timelines
  • Real Research in consumer trends, eating habits, and more
  • Simple Budgets (Can be easily adjusted to your  budget)
  • Simple Forecasts (Can be easily adjusted to your expectations based on your budget)

You know it… and I know it…

Today more than ever… customers are hiding their wallets in the depth of their pockets and reluctant to purchase anything!

In order to persuade them to release their dollar “death grip”… your marketing message doesn’t just need them to stop what they are doing, but give you their undivided attention and take the immediate action to make you money!

 Your Questions have been answered

“Will this work for my situation?” – YES it can be applied to any SME Business which wants to see instant PROFITS 

  • “Is this going to be too hard?” NO, everything has been done for you; all you have to do is read and follow the steps! 
  • “Will I have time for this?” YES, if you want to realize serious profits than this is the plan for you! 
  • “What if I need to return this?” NOT A PROBLEM, we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product after 60 days! 
  • “How can I trust this person?” EASY, look at our testimonials, references and 60 day money back guarantee!

Discover the Simple objectives that your competitors are already doing and making compound profits month after month! 

Are you ready for something *completely different* for once? Are you ready to discover exactly HOW you can generate ongoing steady profits for YOUR business?

The Selling Game Has Changed Forever…

And If You’re Not Using “New School” Marketing Strategies and Tactics, You Are Committing Business Suicide!

 Time to face the facts…

The sales techniques of the past just don’t cut it!

Frankly… customers have evolved and adapted to new mediums of communication!

They’ve had so many similar promotions pushed onto them that they’ve learned to “tune out” so-called “proven” advertising approaches entirely…also known as “Banner Blindness”

Any business owner using these forgotten methods know how hard it is to capture “Generation Techies”. These business owners are probably seeing bankruptcy as their target market chews them up and spits them out.

But this won’t happen to you…

In just a moment… you’ll discover exactly how you can refine your marketing message to break through the “noise” of today’s banner blindness advertising and inject “solid sales” directly into the lifeblood of your business.

Before we go any further, there’s something you should know…

These revolutionary techniques aren’t corporate-speak marketing lies about the importance of “marketing”… “Buyer Behaviour”… or any other BS that wins awards but fails to make instant profits in your bank account!

These objectives are built on a foundation of proven marketing history…

Because of the amount of money you’ll make, you’ll want to invest now!

Frustrated small business owner develops incredible ideas to increase profits!

“I started my own Catering Company”

“I was ready to start a new business after selling my clothing line!

I noticed an undiscovered niche in my community of Cook Islanders. I had the Business Background but lacked the marketing part, especially in a new industry.

Food is a huge part in our community and recipes are passed down from the elders to younger generations which are then sold within our community. I wanted to EXAPND these recipes to everyone in the area.

I came across this plan and immediately after reading it I discovered how to take my sales through the roof! A marketing consultant quoted me $7900 to create a marketing plan for my idea, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found this Profit Making Plan.

The three objectives have step by step tactics and showed me how to grow a HUGE client base in ONLY 6 MONTHS!

…I Would suggest anyone who wants to start a new business really consider this plan, if they are still available….”

Harry Rush Drollet
 Entrepreneur of Islander Style Catering





What if I could improve your efficiency by 90%! 

What if this plan could land you $10,000 deals?

But don’t take my word for it…talk is cheap.

Frankly… results are what matter.


“This is the most comprehensive marketing plan on the internet today!

Usually getting a new client to understand why they need a marketing plan is HARD! I can’t actually believe these guys are practically giving this away!

I used this plan to land a catering company in San Francisco which is a competitive market. However, you managed to nail this one and it showed me how easy it can be to get my next client

We’re already set to rake in five figures every single month just from this one client! This plan is worth ATLEAST 50 TIMES what I picked it up for”

Sonia Ji

Impress Your Clients and Land Those BIG Sales

Discover how Sonia took her sales through the roof using this plan to implement techniques that saw her clients generate over $150,000 in sales!

This plan can be used for both business owners and marketing companies in the food and hospitality industry;

  • Catering companies
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Cafes
  • Chefs
  • Entrepreneurs

42 pages with over 10,000 words of ACTUAL material!

Both Financial and Marketing Performance metrics are inserted and ready to GO

Let’s get one thing straight… This is a LIMITED TIME offer!

“We simply can’t afford to give these out to everyone. Each time one is given away it means less opportunity for us getting new clients”

However, we are prepared to throw in a GANTT CHART ACTION PLAN!

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Our products are guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction in every way. Return this plan within 60 days from purchase if it proves otherwise. We will refund your FULL purchase price as you wish. We do not want you to have this PLAN unless you are completely satisfactory!

Techniques you can find in this plan…

  • New Markets - One of the best ways to expand to new markets is to learn from other companies that fit your profile, we have already DONE this for YOU!
  • New Products - Consumers expect and thrive on constant change, as a result it is expected that business have new products available to them on a frequent basis!
  • Generation Google – Have you heard of generation ‘Google’? This is a popular phrase that refers to a generation of young people born after 1993, growing up in a world dominated by the internet. You need to know how to reach them!
  • Social Media - The ‘socialization motivation’ of consumers reflected by items such as ‘visit my friends’ and ‘talk to my friends’ was reported to affect the internet uses that enhance socialization. This media channel has changed the way we communicate
  • And many, many more

We both know you deserve to explode your marketing… crush your competitors… and grow your bottom line profits!

And that’s exactly what this can do for you.

This PLAN is $9,700

100% satisfaction guarantee — if you don’t make money we are offering a 60 day satisfaction guarantee – we can fully REFUND YOUR MONEY.

This plan is $1,999

“Yes, I want to increase my profits. I’m sick and tired of losing money and missing out on clients who are ignoring me, because my sales messages simply aren’t compelling enough.”

This plan is $697


Table of Contents

Executive Summary.

1.0         Introduction.

1.1         Purpose.

1.2         Background information.

1.3         Scope of the Plan.

1.4         Methodology.

1.5         Assumptions and Limitations.

2.0         Remote Environment.

2.1         Political-Legal Environment.

2.2         Economic Environment.

2.3         Socio-Cultural Environment.

2.4         Technological Environment.

3.0         Market/Industry Analysis.

3.1         Market Overview.

3.2         Market Trends.

3.3         Porter’s 5 Forces.

3.4         Future Market Attractiveness

4.0         Competitive Analysis.

4.1         The Diet Group.

4.2         Ron Burgundy Food.

4.3         Evaluation of Competitor’s Analysis.

5.0         Customer Analysis.

5.1         Customer’s Needs, wants and desires.

5.2         Primary target customers – Middle to high Income earners.

5.3         Secondary Target Customers – Event Catering.

5.3.1     Secondary Target Customers – Event Catering.

5.3.2 7 Ws Analysis

6.0         Marketing Strategies.

6.1         Product.

6.2         Price.

6.3         Promotion.

6.4         Placement.

7.0         Non-Marketing Capabilities.

7.1         Financial Position.

7.2         Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

7.3         Distinctive Capabilities.

7.4         Critical Success Factors.

7.5         Their Current Objectives.

7.6         Positioning.

8.0         SWOT.

9.0         Objectives and Strategies to achieve them.

9.1         Objective 1 and Strategies to achieve Objective 1.

9.1.1          Strategy 1.

9.1.2          Strategy 2.

9.1.3          Budget.

9.1.4          Forecast.

9.2         Objective 2 and Strategies to achieve Objective 2.

9.2.1          Strategy.

9.2.3          Budget & Forecast.

9.3            Objective 3 and Strategies to achieve Objective 3.

9.3.1         Strategy 1.

9.3.2          Strategy 2.

9.3.3          Strategy 3.

9.3.4          Budget & Forecasts.

9.4         Objective 4 and Strategies to achieve Objective 4.

9.4.1          Strategy 1.

9.4.2          Budget and Forecast.

10.0      Marketing Plan Total Budget and Forecasts.

10.1      Total Marketing Plan Budget.

10.2      Estimated Total Potential Revenue Over Duration of Plan (24 Weeks)

11.0      Implementation, Monitoring and Control

11.1      Implementation/Action Plan.

11.2      Monitoring and Control systems.

11.2.1        Financial Metrics.

11.2.2        Marketing Metrics.

11.2.3        Contingency Plans.

13.0      Appendices.

13.1      Appendix 1.

13.2      Appendix 2.

13.3      Appendix 3.

13.5      Appendix 5- 7Ws Analysis From Customer Analysis.

13.6      Appendix 6- Porter’s 5 Forces Diagram.

13.7      Appendix 7- Perceptual Map.

13.8      Appendix 8- Analysis of alternative potential lucrative markets.

13.8.1    Customer Type:

13.8.2   The wedding industry.

13.8.3   Major school and educational functions.

13.8.4   Major sporting events.

14 Appendix 9- Full Implementation Table and Gantt Chart please prefer to Excel Sheet.

This plan is $297

LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: “If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase you have paid for, you may return it with a note describing why you are disappointed and we will issue a full refund or credit your charge card for what you paid for the course or courses.”

P.S. Remember… Names have been changed to protect the Catering Company which paid TOP DOLLAR for this plan.

P.P.S. This plan is offered as “first come, first served” basis and will be given away VERY quickly! Once enough are taken, it will no longer be available

  • Catering Marketing profits Blue Print.
  • Digital Manuals.
  • Action Plan
  • Gantt Chart
  • Check List.
  • Direct Contact with me.

Only $97


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